Lookbook Light earrings: get a shiny touch in just a twist

Today, I want to show you something for the ones who, just like me, like to have a one of a kind style and brighten up their look in just a couple of seconds. Here’s a refined and everyday look that you can create with just one accessory: the Light earrings.

With their silver ang gold colors, these earrings will perfectly match all of your outfits and above all, will illuminate your skin complexion. The delicate shine and the cut of the pendant will highlight your look. When wearing these earrings, leave out the big necklaces. Wear them alone or combined to a small discreet choker necklace. The Light earrings are extremely versatile and can be worn with a classic black dress as well as with some rubbed jeans. It’s all in the details!

With a more classic look or for a special evening, I wear them alone to have an elegant style, just like the picture at the beginning of this article.

When I want a more casual look, I like to wear a boyfriend jeans and a single earring of the pair. I do my hair so that my bangs are worn on one side, to highlight the earring on the other side. This makes a “rebel distinguished” style … It’s different and I love it! You can see how I do this in the following video.

Try the look and send me your pictures!

See you soon,

Marilene Xx

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