Lookbook Inspirations from the Middle East: Wild luxury!

It’s not a secret, I love travels. I love the idea to fly all around the world and discover other people. Younger, I had the chance to travel in many countries, travels that all changed something in me. I talked to you about it in one of my blog a couple of weeks ago.

One day, I had the great chance to meet a man who had with him incomparables jewellery. The men was afghan, he told me about his country culture, and traditions, about the handcraft work from where these pieces of jewelery came from, and about the meticulous care they had been treated with. The stones were of a rare quality: fine stones and even precious stones that were all assembled on sterling silver. I was amazed by their elegance, their rawness and their authenticity. I thought they were just like MïO is: a mix of raw and chic, a style that is free and different. Therefore, I left with many pendents ans some necklaces, too beautiful to be left behind.

I took some time to work on the stones in my studio, and then, a month ago, we launched the new collection Inspirations from Middle East. The jewels of this collection are of a big value, since the stones that adorned them are rich and genuine.

Although the Middle East collection jewelry seem a bit impressive, they can be worn as well as with a chic outfit or an everyday look. Holiday season is the best time to add gemstones in your looks! To make every heads turn and have a WOW effect, choose a necklace and make it the statement of your look. On this picture, I’m wearing the Amira necklace, made from rubies. This rich, feminine and gorgeous precious stone. The necklace is perfect with a little black dress, but I could also wear it with nice pants, high-heels shoes and a white blouse. One thing is certain, this necklace deserves to be the center of your outfit. Some other necklaces of the collection will allow you to reproduce this look.

In this second look, I choosed the Desert necklace from the collection. Since the necklace is not too impressive, I can easily mix it with other jewels; that’s exactly what I did with the Mother of pearl choker necklace.  This white blouse is more casual, and my bracelets mix adds a glamourous touch. This necklace could also be worn with a turtleneck shirt and a jeans or with a simple shirt and a vest. Many other necklaces from the collection will help you recreate this look.

Finally, for those who like to mix together different styles of bracelets, know that the bracelets of the Middle East collection match perfectly to all styles of accessories! You can wear the bracelet alone to enhance it, or incorporate it into your favorite bracelets mix. Their incomparable style will bring this little je ne sais quoi that we love so much! As I often say, mixing textures, colors and materials is really what creates an original, different and personalized look. Each bracelet in the collection is unique … so you can be sure there will not be two like you!